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Those that know me, know how dedicated I am to a healthy lifestyle. Oh my goodness, what I’ve put my family through making them navigate around my workout schedule and using them as “Healthy Cooking” test subjects! But to what end? And was I really living a healthy life both physically and mentally? I’ve traveled a long, sometimes rough, road to arrive at the place I am today. I feel so blessed to be able to honestly say I finally say I have learned how to ENJOY THE JOURNEY. To really understand what that entails, and to know (usually) my triggers before I fall back into old habits. You guys know exactly what I’m talking about! We’re moving so fast, we don’t stop to experience joy in those precious things going on around us. Our only focus being the “prize” at the end (you know – that “to do list” that is forever swirling around in our brains). And I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, when that “swirling” gets to be too much, I can throw a pretty amazing adult temper tantrum. You know the kind that your spouse does not get mad at you for, even though you are screaming (ahem, maybe cussing) your head off? Cuz he knows that it’s SOOOO over the top it has nothing to do with him. Probably thinking, “How can I video tape this without her knowing?”

Truly I’m thankful to God for giving me things like a body that allows me to be a runner, for the gift of my family, among so many other things. Sadly, I’ve done so much to take the joy out of it. For years life was “how many miles I needed to log” or “what’s next on my to do list”. What a chore! Then, something amazing happened. I learned to be in love with the process. I now look up and enjoy the scenery, the weather, long runs with and intimate conversations with my closest friends. Who cares if every task isn’t complete, I get to spend time enjoying my family. That’s the JOY in my JOURNEY. Do I still struggle – heck yeah! Some of you are part of that great support system that whips me back into mental shape when I need it!

Something inside me had been stirring for quite some time, asking the question – How can I take all my experiences and translate that into something that allows me to help others learn to enjoy their journey toward a healthier life. Then…

Life’s tiny twists and turns can surprise us with some of the biggest gifts. Because of some health concerns, Tony, my husband) made the decision to take the plunge (gasp!) – He began exercising. He started letting me “help” him eat better. (I’m sure you can guess why “help” is in quotes – wink, wink.) He joined a Beachbody Challenge Group to start a daily, at home) exercise program. Like some of you, I previously rolled my eyes at all the Beachbody-hype. I had my running and gym routine (and as far as I was concerned, it was working pretty darn well). But, in order to be a supportive wife, I did the workouts at home with him. Boy, oh boy was I wrong. I fell in LOVE. In fact, started exploring other Beachbody exercise programs and it opened up so many doors! First, I was no longer married to my gym routine everyday. My kids and I could enjoy mornings doing fun stuff (or, heck, running badly needed errands). I was able to keep up an amazing workout routine, but my  life no longer revolves around my workouts. Quite the opposite. But even beyond that – the amazing thing is I am feeling WONDERFUL! This exhausted mom, has seen her energy level grow incredibly. It’s convenient and attainable for anyone. There is no magic pill – these are simply terrific exercise and meal planning programs that deliver results.

So back to the ‘stirring question’ I’d mentioned above. It had been answered. That’s WHY and WHAT Beachbody Coaching is and has done for my life. Personally, it’s helped me physically, mentally and emotionally, but now I’ve found a mechanism to take all my experiences and reach out to others to help them along their journey. While our journey belongs to no one else, we cannot successful do it alone.

Mind. Body. Strength

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