Three months since my last post! Summer has been fun and I’ve been soaking up family time with the kids. My “domestic game”, however, has taken a back seat. Meal planning has consisted of jotted down notes of some half a$$ attempt at a meal plan stuck on the fridge. Blogging? I have no shortage of ideas as I’m pondering posts on my weekly long runs, but they just haven’t made it farther than that! That’s just life. I love to cook and love meal planning, but summer time has put some of that on hiatus. No, I don’t like it. But again… that’s just life. However, with fall (school starting just around the corner) and the arrival of the MUCH anticipated new READY OR NOT! cookbook by Michelle Tam on my doorstep I’m feeling invigorated!

Now just to recap – we are not Paleo here in the Guerrero household. But we do enjoy Asian-inspired food (my Kauai-raised hubby’s contribution to our home) and we do enjoy our meat. My husband might go on strike if I ever attempted something like a “Meatless Monday”. It’s a great idea for a number of reasons, just wouldn’t be received well by the group I live with! Because Michelle Tam seeks to find healthy versions of popular Asian dishes, her recipes are well-tested, full of bold flavors and just make this family happy.

These days I rarely purchase cookbooks. But Michelle’s is a must on the ol’ book shelf. They are well organized, easy to follow, and just fun to read. Now, if you do not own her first cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, I highly recommend your grab that one first. It’s just so full of amazing menu options. Many dinners within it have become staples in our home.

If you already own Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, then it’s time you add her newest cookbook to your collection. Michelle Tam has done such a terrific job of breaking it into 4 different sections, making it easy to digest (pun intended) and figure out your meal plan:

1) GET SET! Basics to stock your kitchen with so you have essential ingredients on hand.
2) READY! “I have plenty of time to prep & cook.”
3) KINDA READY! “I’ve got some time, but not a lot. How can I turn what I already have on hand or leftovers into a relative quick meal?”
4) NOT READY! “Help! I need something fast!”

This week’s plan consists of testing out FOUR entrees & TWO sides from READY OR NOT! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss reviews of these recipes in upcoming posts! Please share reviews for Nom Nom Paleo recipes you have tried as well! This week’s menu:

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